Hi, I'm Marquetta

Creative Entrepreneur

I help Creative Entrepreneurs find their vibe by teaching them how to create a superior brand  leveraging Marketing and Web 3 Technologies. 

My Offerings

Products, services and resources for fellow Tycoons.


STOP! Fix Your Marketing Now Handbook

I wrote a handbook on marketing for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups who struggle with finding an audience for their brand. It can be confusing to know how and where to start. Get my book that easily outlines what you need to know and what to do.


Intro to brand building email course

This course is for you if you have questions about branding in general, starting a business, or been in business for a while. Branding is something that will seed your vision into the minds of the people you want to inspire. Your brand is a movement so learn the things you need to create a superior brand in this FREE Email Course!


Tycoonomics is the study of building brands to create an impact on not just the world but the universe. I am excited to bring forth my own school of thought to introduce and create courses for creatives that want to build brands that make impacts that will reverberate throughout time and space. Learn more at Tycoonomics.courses

Learn web3 for your brand

We are excited to help creative entrepreneurs transition their brand into the "new internet" aka Web3. Built upon the foundation of blockchain tecnology, be ahead of the learning curve with our special curated content that will make it easy to understand. Most importantly how to implement the technologies for your brand. No need to be overwhelmed we will make it simple for you.

Brand and Marketing consulting

Need some advice or direction within your brand? We offer consulting services to help you get on the right track. We can give direction on creating a brand, creating content, email marketing, and ad design.

The Podcast

The new podcast hosted by Marquetta Hewitt. Discussions about Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Metaphysiology. All of which are connected in the world of creation.


A businessperson of exceptional wealth, power, and influence.

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