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Three Components in Building a New Brand

When starting a new brand there are three components that one can use to set a solid foundation. If you are reading this article, you probably are wondering where to begin and how to make this idea actually stick and not get left behind like thousands of others. I am here to help so rest your worries and open your mind. Creating a brand is a longterm commitment, it takes genuine thought, perseverance and a strong willingness to succeed. Simply put its a lot of dang work, but it is worth it. I have culminated a few quick pointers to help you get started in building your brand to stick around for the longrun.

Before Building your Brand

Before you go creating a brand you first have to understand the business behind it all. However, I wont overwhelm you, but I do want to talk a little bit about Branding and Marketing. See creating a Brand and keeping a brand means that you must have at some point an audience to engage with the purpose of them buying into your product or service. This is a long game that must be played with two foundational business strategies.

Branding helps to shape and cultivate how your prospective customers will view your company overall. This is done through your company’s own distinct advertising and design. It includes aspects such as your logo, colors, slogan, tagline, website, promotional materials, and content creation. Branding is an intangible abstract concept associated with advertising and design that is brought into fruition through marketing.

Marketing helps to manifest the abstract concepts of advertising and design created by the branding. Marketing can be achieved through different channels of promotion via content creation. These channels can include but are not limited to print advertising, social media, digital media, web media and more. Clearly defining how you want your brand to present by establishing these three following components can take your brand from unseen to noticeable.

When combined and consistently executed, branding and marketing are what helps to get prospective customers to see you in the marketplace and help you to keep customers or audiences engaged after the first contact or sale.

Brand Vision

Think of a brand that you like and enjoy. What you like and enjoy about it most likely is connected with specific values and passions. Creating a visionary representation with your brand helps to connect people to it. It provides depth and emotional attachment creating a unique bond, one in which you as the brand helps the customer to create. The customer then ties it to something personal to them which in turn strengthens that bond they have with your company. The power of presenting a vision.

Brand Voice

How does a brand speak? Well it first has to be given a personality. Yes, you read that right, you essentially become a scientist and your brand is like frankenstein. The aim is to define what your brand would be like if it were a person. Give it a fitting personaity, is it like a teacher, a caring mother, a funny uncle, a strict father, a irresponsible cousin? Depending on your brand it could vary but its up to you to define the voice. This helps to engage the customer and also compells the customer to create an emotional tie to your brand. That voice can fill a void or remind them of someone close to them. The power of giving your brand a voice.

Brand Mission

What do you do it for? A mission states the purpose and objectives of your brand. It talks about how you intend to embark on that mission. It explains not just from a visionary aspect, but from a more actionable perspective what means of actionable steps will be taken to see the mission through. It reiterates what your brand will do consistently to bring about an overall desired outcome. Albeit your contribution to society on a global scale. Stating a clear mission will assist with getting your audience excited to be involved not only as a patron but a dedicated and consistent suppporter of your brand. It gives them a role alongside to your company to fulfill. It is no doubt that everyone loves to feel apart of something.

Step in building an awesome brand by establishing a vision, voice, and mission. Watch how much more effective your efforts will be. When established, these three components put your brand in a position to be able to stand out and be seen. Utilize the power of branding and marketing to consistently speak to your audience and form an alliance that will propel your brand to new heights.

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