1. What is a Marketing Consultant?

As a marketing consultant I assist in helping entreprenuers clarify steps and devise a process for them to follow to help them achieve their goals. I do not do the work for them. I help them create a blueprint and they have to execute and carry out all tasks and steps needed to achieve the outcome. This aids them in helping to cut down on their time spent researching for information and solutions. Time is indeed money and a consultant help you save your time. 

2. Why do I need Consulting?

Consulting has many benefits some of which are saving your time, the opportunity to experience a different point of view, professionalism, borrowing of experience, and many more. Ultimately as an entrepreneur, it is inevitable that you will run into a project or process that you are not sure how to proceed with. That is where consulting will aid to bridge gaps and assist in making these processes flow more smoothly and take some stress off of your back.  

3. How much does your consulting cost?

At this time we focus on a few specializations that from our experience has been the most prominent need from entrepreneurs. We crafted a few consulting products and prices for these can be viewed in our store. If you have needs that would involve consulting throughout the length of a project, use our contact form and we can discuss pricing. Project consulting over a time period will usually be based at an hourly rate.

4. What’s the difference between Consulting and Coaching?

This is a very good question, as these two things are often viewed as the same but are totally different. A coach, is more involved in the business process and helps you to focus on personal strengths weakness as well as your business’. They are actively training you on how to be successful.

A consultant assists from an advisory standpoint. We point you in the right direction. We present ideas to help you improve on a need and it is up to you to follow through. We dont actively coach, but we advise on steps to take. 

5. What industries or businesses do you specialize in?

We focus specifically on brand marketing. Brand marketing is the theory and tactics used to promote your brand overall in every aspect by giving or presenting value to the customer. Generally any and every business has to market, at this time there are not any industries that we do not work with. 

6. Do you offer free consultations?

At this time we do not offer free consultations, but you are welcome to sign up to our email list and receive free valuable information and resources. 

7. What kind of background experience do you have?

We started out with freelance consulting about 4 years ago. A lot of our background comes from hands on experience. We have personally created brands that stand out and continue to progress. One of which is a blog site dedicated to marketing expertise. We have published a marketing handbook that is available on Amazon. We have created courses, email campaigns and the like. 4 plus years of graphic designing, copywriting, digital marketing, and content marketing experience. For more on our background and to check out some of the projects please view the about page in our menu.

8.What results can I expect from working with a consultant?

You can definitely expect to be further than where you are now. It would not be accurate to make a claim on results without first knowing your situation. Generally speaking, we have helped clients understand what steps they needed to take by consulting them on what to do. By following our direction they were able to meet goals rather it was starting their own businesses or improving the marketing impact. Progressing to the next level and continuing to accomplish their goals exponentially. Thus helping them build the confidence and persistance needed to sustain in business.

9.What are the terms of working with you?

We are a consulting firm, we are not tax, legal, or financial professionals. By using our services you acknowledge this and will not hold us liable for any loss or damages that occur by using our services.

Treat our consults as professionally as possible. We are here to help so be respectful of our time as well as your own.

Once service is rendered there will not be any refunds. If you book a consultation you have 72 hours from time and date of purchase to rescind.

We have two options for consulting, project based (our consult packages in our store) or retainer based (consulting throughout a timeline usually a period of a few months).

Retainer based consulting must be discussed and full payment rendered before project begins. Additional separate terms will be provided via an agreement.

By purchasing a project based consult package in our store you immediately agree to terms that are sent to you in writing. ( a document is provided when you download the digital asset of the package).

10.Who do we work well with?

We find that our best fit clients are decision makers, not aftraid to take calculated risks, are open-minded, punctual, take an active approach in their business and understand that success and progression require investment.