So you come up with this great idea for a business, now what? Many people arrive here and stop for many reasons. The number one reason people don’t start a business is because they don’t really know what to do to take it beyond the idea.

The most important knowledge to have in this stage is marketing and branding. But knowing about branding and how to market a business does not really fall into your lap.

Thankfully with so much being offered in this informational age of Aquarius there is no reason to overwhelm yourself or complicate the foundation of building a business. The good news is just like there is an app for almost everything, here is a handbook for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups that will walk you through the basic stuff you need to know to market that great business idea. Instead of fumbling around somewhat promoting your business and getting lost in the process do yourself a favor and get some real help. Many new business owners think they don’t need marketing which is why they often fail to break the barrier. Their attempts to market a business often end up either half assed or non-existent.If you want to know how to be successful in business (most importantly yours) this handbook is a great start to an amazing journey of truly understanding what it means to create more than just a business but a thriving brand.

In this book you will receive insightful brand building strategies to use in your social media marketing. I wanted to create a space where marketing is made simple so join me and we will walk through the basics together.So, first we will cover what marketing actually is because many people don’t know and often confuse it with branding. Then we will talk about what branding is and why that is so important. Don’t worry I’m not here to put you to sleep! I included pictures in this book because everyone likes pictures and it makes the information easier to absorb. In fact, there is so much value in this book that you will be able to know exactly how to market your brand within 7 days of reading this handbook. I would even go on to say that you could even build a brand in 30 days provided you do the work required.To make the process a little easier and get your amazing idea ready for release I have also included 10 easy steps that will help you devise an awesome marketing strategy.

So, if you are wanting to move your business past the idea stage or wanting to understand marketing just a little bit better so that you can improve your business currently and create the success you deserve from all of your hard work, then STOP! and Fix Your Marketing Now.