Hello fellow Tycoon! My name is Marquetta aka “The Saucey Tycoon”. I dubbed myself a Saucey Tycoon because throughout my journey of life and entrepreneurship I have possessed a unique sense of style. My upbringing involved a lot of music and creative arts. I am a huge fan of Hip Hop and R&B music and appreciate every era of it and it is a big part of my personality today. I wanted to be a big superstar when I grew up and sing with my favorite artists. 

Im sure you can relate to this as well, we all wish to see our name in lights and reach the epitome of success. However this inspiration and drive can sometimes be thwarted by “reality”. It is amazing to me still this day how people will say things like “get your head out of the clouds” yet everything around us was created by a dreamer. There were times when I allowed these types of people to rain on my parade and I even tried to fit in. 

Life however had a very different plan for me and I am so grateful for all the adversities I have faced in life. I have attempted to be a successful entrepreneur countless of times. I have been discriminated against as a black woman in the corporate and business spaces. I failed at my journey of being an entrepreneur not because I didn’t make a lot of money, but because I was defining success according to other people’s standards instead of my own. Entrepreneurship has taught me that success is about how you feel. You must align with that you seek and all thigs will fall in place. It took me so long to understand this! However the journey was not in vain. I am here to now share with you my thoughts and knowledge on the subject of not just branding and marketing, but life success in general. 

You see everyone will claim to have the answers, the secret sauce that will turn your entrepreneurship journey into a cash cow. While I believe that money most certainly can turn things around for you, I always encourage people to work on their inside first to see that luminate success around them. I decided that I wanted to lead people to success by helping them understand the basics of branding and marketing which all comes down to alignment with emotions and feelings.

Furthermore taking your ideas and creating a superior brand so that we move forward in making real change in the world. I have been called to lead people to greatness which is why I refer to you as a Tycoon. A Tycoon is a business person of great wealth, power and influence. This is something that everyone possesses in their own right and is defined by you and no one else. You determine how you will show up in the world and you can use your brand to do it. To make a great impact and change, so find your tribe and connect with people that can assist you in making change in this world.

When it comes down to it, I think about the young girl I was growing up. I had dreams so big my head could explode, and as an adult I forgot that life is meant to be fun, that you are meant to happily create. So remembering that inspiration I aim to spread the message of bringing about change through entrepreneurship and creating superior brands that will change the world. I ask you to join me in doing so, because even though everyone believes the world is done, we still have more to do, more to create and lots of change to make. It’s not over and everyone is waiting for you to become!

To Your Success, 
Marquetta Hewitt

More About Me

I am a Florida native born in the panhandle of Panama City, Florida. I grew up a military brat and graduated from Fountain-Fort Carson Highschool in Colorado.I really loved basketball in middle school and as a freshman but did not continue playing due to having to change highschools. However I was an amazing sprinter in track and field my sophomore year to senior year. I attended Southern University A&M College from 2005 to 2010 majoring in biology (no I didnt graduate). During my junior year in college I suffered deeply from depression due to having a spiritual awakening. I had no motivation to finish school and began to fail my classes and subsequently I dropped out. 

I began a career in the service industry working in restaurants and eventually made my way into management. I have held many supervisory positions and managed full service restaurants which opened the door to my entrepreneurial journey. In 2012 I created my first business idea which failed drastically. Nevertheless I continued to try different ideas and figure out where my passion lies. During this time I struggled financially and went through bouts of depression trying to figure out life. I would say around 2014 I started to make some changes and dove deeper into spirituality which helped me through the tough times. 

In 2016 I moved to Alaska and endured an emotionally abusive and toxic relationship that propelled me through another spiritual awakening. After removing myself from the situation I began to focus more on myself and self love journey. I started getting back to what was important to me and started living again. I went on to create a blog, The Magnificent Tycoon, a record label The Matriarchal Collective, a clothing brand Sauced Myself, publish my first book Stop! Fix Your Marketing Now, a podcast The Unicorn Chronicle, and I’m still not done lol.

I wouldnt change anything but I certainly wouldnt relive some parts of my life again. I look forward to being better and doing great things. 

That’s just a little more about me, just a traveling soul trying to figure it out.

My Skills

Some things I have acquired as a solopreneur aka Tycoon. Definitely not everything lol

Ad Design
Copy Writing
Graphic Design
Email Marketing
Time Management
Video Editing